Should I purchase a firewood stove for outdoor equipment? What should I pay attention to when purchasing

Jan 8, 2024
I believe everyone has heard of a firewood stove. As the name suggests, its main fuel is firewood (dry wood). This type of fuel is easily obtained in nature, without purchasing, spending money, or bringing it from home. It can be used locally, which is why many people choose a firewood stove.

The advantages of a firewood stove

The firewood stove is the most primitive camping stove and also the stove with the most camping feeling. The fuel for the firewood stove is easily obtained, and there are many ready-made dry firewood in nature. We can use them locally, saving the trouble of carrying fuel and a large amount of fuel purchase costs. As for the firewood stove, it depends on everyone's understanding. You can purchase a specialized firewood stove, dig a simple firewood stove at the campsite with a shovel, or build a simple firewood stove using stones. As long as you can cook and use dry firewood as fuel, you can basically be considered a firewood stove.

The Disadvantages of Firewood Stoves
Firewood stoves are generally only suitable for outdoor use and cannot be brought into tents unless your tent is large enough and the stove has a chimney. In addition, in some places and special circumstances, it is not possible to use a firewood stove, such as rainy and snowy weather, deserts, grasslands, snowy mountains, etc.
Classification of Firewood Stoves
Integrated firewood stove (non foldable)

Previously, some people said that firewood stoves were quite bulky, which also depends on the specific situation. There are many materials for firewood stoves, including iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. Regardless of the material used, the commonly seen firewood stoves on the market are assembled and assembled together. When carrying and storing them, they can be disassembled and turned into various small parts, which are more convenient to clean.

There is also a larger type of firewood stove, which usually weighs over 10kg. If you don't have a car, don't buy it because you can't move it outside. This type of stove is generally used in larger tents and comes with a chimney for heating, cooking, and preventing the production of carbon monoxide inside the tent. The price of this type of stove is also relatively expensive, usually above 2000 yuan. Only camping enthusiasts who are very passionate about outdoor life will make purchases.

Foldable firewood stove

Folding firewood stoves are currently very popular on the market, with a clear advantage of portability. Here, we recommend two types for everyone:
Type 1: These types of firewood stoves are temporarily assembled from aluminum alloy sheets, which are disassembled one by one and can be carried in small bags.
Type 2: These types of firewood stoves are generally cylindrical and can be assembled up and down. After disassembly, their volume is also very small.
The third type: titanium firewood stove, lightweight and portable, durable material, not easy to rust, but the price is relatively high.
It is strongly recommended that if the stove you purchase is not over 2000 yuan, and the stove does not have a chimney, and you are not using a large tent, then the firewood stove cannot be moved into the tent. Currently, most of the firewood stoves produced on the market are only for outdoor use, and cannot be used inside the tent, which is very easy to ignite the tent.
Precautions for purchasing a firewood stove
The primary condition for purchasing a firewood stove is that you have a car, and only then can you consider purchasing it. Afterwards, you need to consider whether there is dry firewood in the place where you often camp. If there is a lot of dry firewood, then a firewood stove is your best choice.
Secondly, when purchasing, you also need to consider the weight of the firewood stove, which is within the range of weight that you can move.
If your camping time is year-round, or if you consider camping when there is wind or when it is cold, then you should consider using a large firewood stove with good windproof effect. It should come with a chimney and can be used in a tent.

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