KAPILA brand grandly launched 2022 K1 brand

May 26, 2022

KAPILA brand grandly launched 2022 K1 brand
new pure titanium tent stove on 2022-5-30

See the introduction below:

K1 is the first-generation pure titanium
fully foldable tent stove launched by the KAPILA brand in March 2020. It is
made of GR1 and has a wall thickness of 1.0. The overall structure is compact
and easy to fold. Realize cooking. This stove was authorized to Shenzhen POMOLY
Company for sale in March 2020 for a period of one year, and has achieved very
successful market feedback. It has become a fist product for their salted fish
to turn over. Although their products are currently not authorized and are
illegally produced. They are still at the top of the sales list.

K1/T1 is repeatedly tested in the
laboratory. It takes about 12-15 minutes for a 1 liter kettle to boil.


External photos of K1


The external photos of K1 and the photos of
T1 are almost the same


The K1 2022 model is the latest
second-generation pure titanium full-folding real fire tent stove launched by
the KAPILA brand in May 2022.

Compared with the 2020 K1/T1, the product
has one major upgrade highlight:

1. Chimney hoop upgrade: The old hoop is upgraded to a vehicle-grade
anti-lock hoop


&pomoly currently don’t see this safety
hoop on their sales page, maybe they are trying to save costs?

2. The flame-pressed sheet is added to the
pure titanium top cover. The left side of the picture below is the new top
cover, and the right side is the old top cover.

The principle comes from the design of the
traditional fireplace cavity (manually guide the flame through the channel to
delay the decay time of the flame, so that more energy is retained in the stove
body, saving energy and increasing the overall temperature in the tent.




&POMOLY No Fire Pressing Tablets

3. The thermal conductivity of titanium is
small, only 1/5 of steel, 1/13 of aluminum, and 1/25 of copper.

Our customers are very satisfied with the
deformation and corrosion resistance of the titanium stove. The impatient
darlings may criticize the speed of heating food. To solve this problem,

KAPILA spent a lot of money to optimize and
test the process, and developed the opening cover plate. Through special
stretching, the top cover was strengthened, so that the top cover was not
easily deformed.

This design opens the precedent for open
flame heating in the titanium folding stove product industry. Revolutionary
upgrade: the heating efficiency is increased by 25–30%. After a lot of time
tests, the top cover has been tested for 300 hours after 2 reinforcing strips
and openings, and the deformation is basically negligible.

# K1 stove top changed to open fire


#After repeated tests, it only takes 8-10
minutes to boil a 1 liter kettle. Good news for anxious friends!


&POMOLY is still our 1st generation stove
design in 2020


4. In order to improve the heating stove of
the stove body and the problem of isolating the deformation of the bottom
plate, we have upgraded the design of the charcoal bed.

The stainless steel 430 material is more
heat-resistant, and there are air intake holes arranged at three corners in the
middle, which concentrates the flame to the center of the stove cover to heat
the pot. Make overall heating delivery faster. The front end of this charcoal
bed is supported by 2 screws, which is convenient for flat storage and carrying
after disassembly. It is also very convenient to use:



# K1 is equipped with a new carbon bed, the
bottom plate is insulated to prevent deformation + diversion flame, higher
thermal efficiency



& Poor POMOLY customer, who didn’t even
have a carbon bed, just got a so-called reinforced plate with an enlarged
bottom plate. The bottom plate does not isolate the high temperature of the
charcoal, and the bottom plate will still be seriously deformed. K1 is equipped
with a stainless steel carbon bed in the case of the original three complete
reinforcement bars, which avoids direct heat conduction. The temperature of
charcoal can reach 700 degrees Celsius at high temperature. After separation,
the temperature of the bottom plate can be reduced by at least 40–50%,
avoiding the deformation of the stove bottom. Obviously, the design of k1 not
only rectifies the flame heating, but also reduces the thermal deformation of
the bottom plate, killing two birds with one stone. Should be a nice design!

Many imitation products currently produced
by POMOLY have been locked by KAPILA. Once seized by the Chinese customs, it
will pay a high price. Of course, if you accidentally place an order for their
products, the possible travel plan may be delayed!

Therefore, support the genuine brand
KAPILA! Don’t be misled by their public opinion! Trust your eyes!

K1 patent number: 202020507484 .X


Date: 2022-5-24

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